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Lifestyle and Commercial


Concept to Production, Custom graphics and layouts


Business & Photography


Photography 101 Courses & Design Concepts

I focus on Lifestyle & Commercial Photography & Design. My goal is to be a great creative resource and solution for all my clients. My biggest motivation is to create compelling images and a great working experience. I LOVE what I do and love to push the creative envelope. One of my core philosophies is balance in life; work hard, enjoy the work and enjoy life. Together, people can move mountains and laugh until they snort.

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Why choose me

Why choose me

The Consultation and planning. No matter what the assignment, I like to get an idea of what the images will be used for and how they will be used. Understanding the end use can open up creative doors

The Creative Perspective. Want something different? Need a new eye or approach? Using a creative professional can help deliver the message or feeling you want conveyed.

The Shoot. Location can be a big part of the overall effect and delivery of the image. Location, location, location as they say.

The Experience. When planning, creativity and the location are knocked down, then it’s about the experience. When the magic happens, enjoyment during the shooting process.

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Amy Gillespie is a freelance lifestyle and commercial photographer based out of Royal Oak Michigan. Her style and asthetic is clean and contemporary with a twist of humor. She loves nothing more than creating images that make people smile, laugh or become inspired.

Her education and background are in design and marketing. She does custom design work, logo design, art direction, some web design development, and brand development. She often works with small companies from the ground up creating the logo, brand and web design.

Amy loves to travel. She especially loves going to remote places for hiking and camping. She tries to take her two black labs on every camping vacation possible. She never leaves home without her iPhone loaded with her favorite music, headphones, and her golf clubs.

What’s in the camera bag:
  • Canon: Mark III & 60D
What’s in the frames on the office wall:
  • AAVS: Visual Communications
  • BSB/MKT: Marketing
  • MBA




Amy Gillespie Photography
Royal Oak, Mi 48073
P: (248) 214-1623


Sessions times are available
Wednesday – Saturday

Viewing and Ordering Sessions are available
Mondays and Tuesdays.

Office Hours
Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm


Photography: Lifestyle & Commercial

Lifestyle photography is not only my aesthetic, it’s how I see the world. A bit of a natural observer, I am able to create a style and look that captures specific moments.

Commercial photography is taking my approach and applying it to a commercial setting. Every project has a need to deliver powerful imagery.

  • Kids & Families
  • Weddings & Events
  • Products & Food
  • Interiors & Architecture
  • Landscape & Travel

Design: Concept through production

Every design need is a little different. Brands, messages, products, websites, there are endless needs for design. The approach I take is delivering design concepts and finished designs that reinforce a brand and convey a needed message.

  • Logo Design
  • Marketing collateral materials
  • Packaging materials
  • Web Design / website
  • eblast materials
  • Displays

Marketing: Photography & Business

Marketing a photography business takes a lot of planning and finding the right platforms to deliver the message. As a photography business owner I am always tweaking my marketing efforts and looking for optimal avenues.

Business owners will often come to me for marketing consulting. Attracted to my brand and methods, they look for direction and solutions. Working with a company for developing a marketing plan, takes a strategic approach.

  • Print: collateral materials, packaging, mailings, and newsletters
  • Web: eblasts, electronic newsletters, and social media content
  • Photography: product, head shots, PR & Media content
  • Video: Interactive medium


Design concepts can have a pretty powerful impact. Understanding how to apply them across any medium is a valuable understanding of visual communications. I have taught design concepts to individuals, interns, and as a quest speaker to professional organizations.

Photography isn’t for everyone. But those with passion and desire make for great students. I teach Photography 101 or Photography basics to individuals and interns. I have also taught photography concepts to creative professional organizations.

  • Design Theory
  • Design Rules
  • Design Mediums
  • Camera Use
  • Lighting concepts
  • Postproduction